Sumatera Bio Energi Utama

About Our Company

Who we are

Sumatera Bio Energi Utama was established and has been operating since 2000 which has an area of 50,000M2 and also has a production capacity of 60,000M2 mt/year of this year and has a production target of 120,000 mt/year at 2020.

Sumatera Bio Energi Utama has pure raw materials derived from plantation crops and does not originate from protected forest or ilegal timber. Sumatera Bio Energi Utama is a company that has a strong commitment to the environment.

Our Mission & Our Values

By linking biomass sources with energy consumers, Sumatera Bio Energi Utama will reliably provide customers with biomass fuel world-wide to improve the environmental profile of energy generation.

Our Values

  1. The very best People dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world with lower-cost, lower-carbon resources.
  2. Thriving, healthy Forests that absorb carbon and provide value added products, permanent carbon storage and energy in a holistic cycle.
  3. Integrity, honesty, transparency and the highest ethical standards.
  4. Accountability for outcomes across all aspects of our business.
  5. Determination to create opportunities, overcome challenges and turn strategic vision into execution.
  6. Discipline in our thinking, words, and action.