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Was established and has been operating since 2000 which has an area of 50,000M2

Looking for a best biomass fuel world-wide?

Welcome To Sumatera Bio Energi Utama.

Sumatera Bio Energi Utama has pure raw materials derived from plantation crops and does not originate from protected forest or ilegal timber.

The very best People dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world with lower-cost, lower-carbon resources.

Thriving, healthy Forest that absorb carbon and provide value added products, permanent carbon storage, and energy in a holistic cycle.

Low-grade wood fiber

Wood that is unsuitable for, or rejected by the sawmiling and lumber industries because of small size, defects (e.g. crooked, knotty, etc.), disease, or pest-infestation;

Tops and limbs

The parts of trees that cannot be processed into lumber;

Commercial thinnings

Harvest that promote the growth of higher value timber by removing weaker or deformed trees to reduce competition for water, nutrients and sunlight.

Mill residues

Chips, sawdust and other wood industry by products.

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